Wednesday, September 23, 2009

four years already!

Amidst all the sadness last weekend, there was also joy as we celebrated Benjamin's 4th birthday. (How on earth can he be four already??) I had wanted to post pictures of him over the years on his actual birthday, but ran out of time... so will do it today, belatedly. Here is Benjamin and me on the day of his birth, Sept. 20, 2005... when I first got to see my new baby boy: Here he is in 2006, eating Cheerios, yum:
Benjamin at 2 years, in 2007, looking over my dad's shoulder:
Three years old in 2008:
And here he was on Sunday, 4 years old! (He's holding up 4 fingers.):
Happy birthday, little guy!!

On the 17th, Ben got to take birthday treats to preschool ~ he was so excited!:
He got to bring something home from preschool that day, too... the class mascot, Dumbo. (The class is held in the Elephant Room.) We then wrote a little paragraph about his visit to our house, for Ben to share with the class on the next school day. Here he is, snuggling with his new friend:
On Thursday night, Chef Nick made this yummy meal for supper ~ bologna and egg cups, homemade mac 'n' cheese, and scalloped apples:
with "Dirt" for dessert:
On the evening of the 19th, our friends Steve, Karen, and David drove down for a little birthday party. Ben had picked a Thomas theme:

Here is Ben with his best bud (and my godson), David:
Opening a present:
Time for cake!:

About 6 months ago, Ben asked me if he could have chocolate cake with pink frosting for his birthday. I told him he could. He then surprised me last week by reminding me to buy the pink frosting! So, here it is:
Emmalie made the cake for me while I was at the funeral. (And Ben very proudly added the sprinkles!)
Emm and Nick:

The whole group:
On Sunday, we spent the morning at church. Then, after lunch, the birthday boy opened his gifts:
He loved his new game, Cars vehicles, and remote control car!:
Of course, we had to take his new car outside to test it out. Ben and Nick had a blast racing it up and down the driveway:

After that, we headed over to Chuck E. Cheese for awhile. Benjamin had a great time with all the games and the playground!:

That evening, we had cake and ice cream again:
I also took our traditional photos of the birthday boy with each of us:

Benjamin, I hope you have a fantastic year, being 4!!


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I can't believe how much Ben's grown! It looks like he had an awesome birthday. (And Nick can come cook for me anytime!...)

October 01, 2009 8:26 PM  
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