Friday, August 21, 2009

honk honk

I didn't get a chance to post these photos before we left on vacation, but Aug. 11th was one of Ben's favorite days of the whole year... Touch-a-Truck Day! :) Our park district hosts the event, and there are all sorts of trucks and other vehicles to see, touch, climb in, etc. Ben was in heaven!

We got to watch this helicopter fly above us and then land in the field ~ very cool! :
This was the first year that we've seen a cement truck has been at the event:
Ben loved climbing up inside the cab and pulling on the air horn!:
Ben and Nick check out a D.A.R.E. truck:
and show off their new UPS frisbees:
Sitting in a riding lawn mower:
Em and Nick weren't quite as excited about the trucks.... : Oooh, a school bus!:

At least Ben enjoyed himself. :) He's already anxiously awaiting next year's Touch-a-Truck Day!


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