Saturday, September 24, 2011

school spirit, six years old, and sedum!

Today's blog post is brought to you by the letter S. :)  First, we have School Spirit.  Last week was Spirit Week at Ben's school.  Monday was Luau Day, and since I spent the afternoon volunteering in Ben's classroom, I got dressed up, too:
Tuesay was Pajama Day.  Ben thought it was great fun to wear his pajamas to school, and to take HopHop!
Wacky Wednesday... one orange sock, one blue sock, shirt on backwards, a scarf made by Aunt Christine, and wacky, gelled hair:

Thursday was Rainbow Day.  Each class was assigned a color to wear ~ obviously, Kindergarten was red:
And Friday was School Spirit Day.  Luckily, we had this sweatshirt (that used to be Nick's):
On Saturday, it was time for Emmalie to show her school spirit!  This year, her high school is having a Haunted Homecoming theme.  All the choir kids were invited to help decorate the choir room on Saturday ~ Emm went, and spent several hours decorating:

Monday was Pajama Day for the high schoolers:

Also that day, Ben helped me make birthday cupcakes!

Tuesday, the 20th, was Ben's 6th birthday!  (I can't believe how fast time has flown!!)  He helped me make his cake in the morning:

In the afternoon, we took the cupcakes to school, and Ben's teacher invited me to come in for the mini party at the end of the school day.  The kids were so excited that Ben brought treats!

Also on Tuesday, Emm's school had Super Hero Day.  Emm made use of the Polaris costume Aunt Christine made for her several years ago:
 That evening, the five of us went to Portillo's for supper, Ben's choice:
 When we got home, it was time to open presents!

 Ben was excited about all his gifts: a new bed (not shown here), Cars 2 sheets, a Cars 2 blanket wrap, a Cars 2 toy, 3 new Trucktown books, and a tiny cat that Emmalie knit for him:
 Ben talking on the phone to his grandmas, who called to wish him a happy birthday:
 The birthday boy:
 Time for cake and ice cream!
The new 6-year-old in his new bed with the new sheets (he told me that they were the best, coolest present ever!):
Wednesday was Decades Day at the high school.  Sophomores were supposed to dress up in 90's clothes.  Emm says that's what this is, though it didn't seem "90's" to me:
 Thursday was Haunted Day... spoooooky...:
Friday was Black and Gold Day at SHS, but I didn't get a picture of Emm before she took the black stripes off her face!  (She also wore black and gold/yellow.)

Last of all, here are some pictures of our sedum in bloom.  Some of our plants bloom hot pink:
 And some are a more muted pink:


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Looks like a very spirited month for the kids!

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