Wednesday, May 25, 2011

more from may

Well, I made it through the week, despite not feeling very well. We had a lot going on, so I was really glad that I was able to attend all the special events! :)

On the 17th, Nick took a sleeping bag and duffel bag to school. That morning, he and the rest of the 6th graders rode a bus up to East Troy, WI, to a YMCA camp there for "Sixth Grade Camp". They were there until the 19th, and had a lot of fun exploring the great outdoors! :) Here's Nick, all ready to go:
The evening of the 18th was Benjamin's preschool graduation ceremony! The little grads were all so cute!! Here's Ben with his buddies Adam and Jasper:
The whole class:
The kids sang several songs for us:
And then received their preschool diplomas:
Then they sang one last song, The Kindergarten Song. :)
Ben with his teachers after the ceremony:
Ben and Emm:
Ben and his proud parents. :)
The glad grad!
On the 19th, George left work early and the two of us drove into the city. We had an early supper at Bernie's Pub and Grill:

Which was right across the street from Wrigley Field:
And about 2 blocks from Metro, where we headed after supper:
The Airborne Toxic Event put on an AWESOME show! (As always!) I took a whole ton of pictures... here are a few....

Steven: Anna:
Mikel. :)
Mikel, Daren, and Noah:
Noah and Anna:
Mikel, down in the crowd. He also body surfed right over us!
Anna and Noah:
Mikel, again:
The 20th was Ben's last day of preschool. He decorated these flower pots, then helped me plant the pansies in them, and then made cards to give to his teachers:
The kids spent their regular class time at the park, for a picnic and playtime:

Ben misses all his buddies already!

On Sunday we went to church. Emmalie played handbells at two services, and then afterwards, we attended the end-of-the-Sunday-School-year event. We had hotdogs, chips and brownies, then the boys played some carnival games:
All 3 went in the bouncy house for awhile:
And we all watched a cute puppet show:

There was a prize drawing after that, and Ben won the basket he'd had his eye on ~ it was full of toys! :)

When we got home, George and the boys decided to start on our vegetable garden. We'd planned to do it several weeks ago, but I haven't been feeling up to it. It's not real big, but it's a start!
More of my flowers are in bloom now. :) Here are some ajuga plants in the backyard:
Columbine, also in the backyard:
Dianthus along our front porch:
The lobelia plant I bought to hang on the front porch:
Mini dianthus around our maple tree:
Pansies on the porch railing:

And some thrift in our garden by the street:
Now we're getting ready to have some company over the weekend! Looking forward to seeing Mom and Dad again! :)


Blogger Katy Cameron said...

Glad you got to all your events, even if you're still not feeling great. Hope you're all better soon

May 27, 2011 6:24 AM  
Anonymous Barbara said...

Found your the picture story lol.

June 06, 2011 8:08 AM  

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