Thursday, October 13, 2011

october days...

I can't believe it's the middle of October already!  Where does the time go?

I took the following pictures at a high school football game on Sept. 30th.  Emmalie and other members of the SHS choir sang the national anthem that night:

The small SHS marching band:
On the 1st of October, we headed to Hoosier Grove Park for Pumpkinfest!  The day began with the Kiddie Run, which Ben participated in.  (He's in the back, with the blue hood.) :

He did very well, getting 4th place!  I'm sure he would have earned a medal if he hadn't taken a tumble at the very beginning of the race.  He got a big scrape on his knee, but stood right back up and took off....
After lunch, we spent some time admiring all the pumpkins, gourds, etc. that were for sale:

Ben received a free small pumpkin for running in the race:
The boys decorated pumpkins in the barn:

Then we headed to the petting zoo:

The boys did some pumpkin bowling.  Ben started out with this big pumpkin, but decided it was too heavy!
He used a smaller one instead, and got a strike!
All three kids took turns hitting balls:

And the boys took turns playing this game:
We watched a juggler (that's a glass of water on top of the blue "bricks"):
Three spooky characters:
Later on, the juggler was walking around the park on stilts.  He walked right over Ben!
We each had a yummy snack:
Nick, Ben, and Emm:
Emm and Ben in the Spook Tunnel:
The last event of the day was Penny in the Haystack.  Here are the 5- and 6-year-olds, racing to the haystack:
Looking for candy and coins:
The big kids get ready for their turn:
Hay was flying everywhere!
Ben's finished Native American pumpkin:
On the 3rd, the Kindergartners received their first Bibles at church.  Ben was very excited!
Later that day, this katydid jumped onto my leg.  Nick took him off, and moved him over to some vegetation:
Last week, Ben brought home a dry erase board, marker, and practice words from school.  He and his classmates are supposed to practice their writing for 15 minutes or so every day (in addition to reading for 15 minutes).  Ben LOVES working on it, and usually spends at least half an hour writing.  He is very particular about his letters, and will immediately erase any that don't look the way he wants them to, and start over:
 He's got better handwriting than his dad or his big brother! ;)
On the 7th, I headed over to Aledo, IL and The Slammer for a weekend crop.  We had a 50's theme this time, Crop Around the Clock:

Door prize time on Saturday night.  I won a whole bunch of cool Halloween paper and embellishments!
"The Golden Girls"... Mandi, Dawn, Tammy, and me:
The leaves have been just beautiful this month!  I'm glad that I took these photos when I did, because many of these same trees are bare now, already:

And here are 3 gourds/pumpkins/whatever-they-are off of our mystery vine that grew behind our shed all summer.  (For awhile, when they were still growing, we thought they were acorn squash.  As you can see, they're not.)  There are several more of them still on the vine, ripening:
Hope you're all having a wonderful October so far! :)


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