Monday, December 01, 2008

thankful for a good november

November was a busy month, but a good one. I kept meaning to post some pictures, but just never had the time, so I guess that means a big string of photos in this post! We had much to be thankful for in November....

Nov. 5th, a new president-elect!: Nov. 6th, the picture Benjamin painted in his class earlier that week:
Nov. 7th, we finally got all the Thanksgiving decorations put out. I've had this turkey plate for many years now ~ I think I bought it at a garage sale!:
Nov. 8th, I've had this turkey ever since George and I were first married. I remember buying it to decorate our first apartment:
Nov. 9th, George and I worked on our kitchen cupboards some more. I got to tape and then paint this part:
Nov. 10th, another turkey decoration... this is Nick's favorite one:
Nov. 11th, yet more turkeys, LOL. I've had the one in back for at least 10 years:
Nov. 12th, here's something different... a squirrel and a turkey! ;)
Nov. 13th, we also had several mini pumpkins around the house:
Nov. 14th, some of our "fuzzy grass" in the backyard. I took this while doing all the necessary winter's-almost-here yardwork:
Nov. 15th, a little cornucopia and paper pumpkin that I've had for many years now:
Nov. 16th, we worked on the cupboards some more:
Nov. 17th, we woke up to our first dusting of snow:

Nov. 18th, the totem pole Nick made at school:
Nov. 19th, our cupboards are looking so much better! (Still not done, though.):
Nov. 20th, we went to Nick's school for Family Reading Night, and the 5 of us created this little book, each taking a page to write (or dictate) and illustrate. It turned out cute!:
Nov. 21st, I didn't take a before picture (it would've been too embarrassing!), but we finally took down the cardtable that's been sitting in this corner of the scraputer room for 2 years now, got rid of the huge old computer monitor that was on it, got rid of several boxes of junk, and then put this little chest there, and finally hung some of George's train pictures on the wall. Here's an after pic:
Nov. 22nd, I finally convinced George to put shelves up in the scraputer room closet, yay!
Before: and after (I still need to organize):
Nov. 23rd, I finally cleaned off my scrap desk... there is actually room to work there now!:
Nov. 24th, Benjamin started his gymnastics class, and loved it!:

Nov. 25th, we did A LOT of cleaning, in preparation for our company later in the week:
Nov. 26th, among other things, I made 3 pies for Thanksgiving Day ~ apple, pumpkin, and pecan. Yum!:

Nov. 27th, Thanksgiving Day! We celebrated with Mom, Dad, and Christine. We were so glad they were able to be here with us! We had lots of yummy food to eat:

We took a group picture:
And had lots of fun (and laughs!) playing games like Pictionary and Taboo all afternoon:

Nov. 28th, we celebrated an early Christmas with Mom, Dad, and Christine. There were lots of wonderful gifts to open! Here's Ben, very excited about a new Cars toy:
Christine opens a gift:
Dad and Mom: Ben opens yet another present:
Nick looks at his new maze book:
Em was thrilled to get these 2 books:
Christine reads one of Ben's new books to him:
Nov. 29th, Mom, Dad, and Christine had to leave. :( Before they left, though, we got in a few fun rounds of Mad Libs:

Nov. 30th, we went over to Home Depot and picked out our Christmas tree!:
It was starting to snow, and Ben tried catching snowflakes on his tongue: I can't believe November is over already!


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