Friday, October 17, 2008

apples, fall colors, and more...

Here are some of the things we've been up to lately....

Oct. 7th, Ben resting on the stairs with his 3 constant companions, HopHop, Blankie, and Cuppy:
Oct. 8th, a few of our Halloween decorations that we put out:

Oct. 9th, a jack-o-lantern that I made for a contest on Scrapbook Friends:
Oct. 10th, Ben and I walked to the gym and enjoyed all the pretty fall leaves along the way:
Oct. 11th, the five of us headed up to Royal Oaks Orchard to pick apples. Our favorites are the Empire apples:
Many of the apples had already been picked off the lower branches, so George and Emmalie teamed up to get the ones that were higher:
Mmmm... apples!:

When we'd picked our bagful, we then enjoyed the rest of the orchard... the petting zoo:

and the playground:

We also had some yummy apple cider donuts and apple cider slushies for a snack! On our way home, we stopped at Marengo Ridge for a hike in the woods. The colors were beautiful!:

Oct. 12th, this candy was calling my name at the grocery store so I HAD to buy it (don't ask how much is left only a week later!): Oct. 13th, just a shot of all our pumpkins:
Oct. 14th, Nick made this skeleton for a school project. It was a kind of book report, with the characters' names, the problem, and solution written on the bones:
Oct. 15th, our locust tree lost most of its leaves in about one day! (I think they are all off now!):
Oct. 16th, some fall color in the backyard: Oct. 17th, at nap time, Ben told me he wasn't sleepy and kept getting out of his bed (but still stayed in his room, at least). Later, Nick found him like this, halfway out of their bedroom door at the top of the stairs, LOL! He slept like this for about 2-1/2 hours!:


Blogger erin said...

lol at the pic of Ben sleeping in the doorway! also love all the fall themed pictures! lovely!

October 18, 2008 7:43 PM  

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