Tuesday, January 13, 2009

happy birthday, nick!

Double digits. I can't believe it. How did my baby boy get to be 10?? I'm not really sure how it happened so fast, but I do have plenty of pictures to show the progression. Here are just a few....

Me, Em, George, and Nicholas on his birth day back in 1999:
One year old... I love this picture and those sweet curls!:
Larry... I mean Nick... on his 2nd birthday:
At 3, with his favorite book, "Goodnight, Gorilla":
With one of his gifts on his 4th birthday:
Five years old and starting Kindergarten:
Two monkeys on Nick's 6th birthday:
Nick and Benjamin on St. Patrick's Day, when Nick was 7:
Starting 3rd grade at age 8: With Em and their Webkins on Valentine's Day last year... 9 years old:
The birthday boy this morning, with the snowman cookies he took to school: Wishing you happiness x 10, buddy ~ today and always! Love you!!


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