Friday, January 09, 2009

hello, 2009!

I decided not to take a photo a day this year, but I do still plan to take lots of photos! (I just don't want to be sitting around at 11:30pm, anymore, realizing I haven't taken my photo yet, LOL.) Here are a few from the past week....

George's parents came to visit us the 2nd-6th. We really enjoyed having them here! :o) We celebrated a late Christmas with them on the 3rd...

Ben opened this truck filled with cars and said, "Oh, yeah!!" LOL: Nick (who badly needs a haircut!) opens one of his many gifts:

What'd ya get, Em?: Fran and Harold:
Ben loves this Luigi car! If you hit it, it says, "Ouch, thata hurts!" and Ben collapses into giggles:
I wanted to get a group shot on the 6th before Fran and Harold had to leave. Ben wasn't being too cooperative, so this is the best I could do:
Today Ben was very excited about our new fallen snow, and wanted to go play outside. He brought along his toy snow plow, and told me he was going to clear our patio, LOL:
Yeah, that didn't happen. He did clear a few of our steps up to the pool, though (with some help from his hand):

And then, when I was taking him up for a nap, I noticed this scene in the boys' room. Guess the shepherds and the 3 kings weren't the only ones who came to the manger:
That boy cracks me up!


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