Wednesday, September 30, 2009

weekend in des moines

I was so excited to have a mini vacation last weekend! I drove to Des Moines, IA to spend 4 days with my sister Christine, and I had a wonderful time! :)

I arrived around 3:30pm on the 25th. Christine gave me a tour of her new apartment and her neighborhood. That evening, we headed up to Ames for a few hours. We attended the Wine, Women, and Song benefit at Prairie Moon Winery, and I got to meet a couple of Christine's friends:

We also went over to the Stomping Grounds on Welch Ave. for some tea....

Back at Christine's, we hung out with her kitties ~ Skylla:
and also Gossamer, who I wasn't able to get a good picture of, unfortunately.

The next morning, we met our parents at the Farmer's Market. We had a little breakfast (yum!):
and then walked around the market, looking at all the fresh fall produce:

and beautiful flowers:
We also saw lots of fun artwork for sale:
The 4 of us ate a delicious lunch at The Rolling Wok:
We did a little shopping at some antique stores and caught a glimpse of the capitol:
I liked this sign by the parking garage. Little did I know we'd be going to Java Joe's on Sunday night!:
We went back to Christine's and took Wiccan outside for awhile ~ he was very happy about that! :)
That night we went to People's Court to see The Airborne Toxic Event, yay!! (We also saw Red Cortez... they were pretty good... and The Henry Clay People... who I wasn't real impressed with.) These guys were AWESOME, though! :) :
Steven Chen:
Mikel Jollett:
Mikel and Noah Harmon:
Anna Bulbrook:
Daren Taylor, Noah, and Anna:
And a couple more of Noah (he was right in front of us, so was the easiest one to get pictures of!):

On Sunday, Christine took me to the Drake Diner for breakfast. It was sooooo good:
Then we headed over to Valley Junction for a little "window shopping". This store was the best... so fun! It was filled with vintage clothing (mostly from the 60's and 70's)... someday when I have money, I'll have to go back there and buy some go-go boots. I've always wanted some! LOL! :
That afternoon we went to the grand opening of the Pappajohn Sculpture Garden in downtown Des Moines. (Also stopped for some lemonade at The Ritual Cafe.) There were some very cool sculptures:

That night we went to the Civic Center and saw Wicked. Love that musical!:
We went to Java Joe's for something to drink, and then we went back to the Sculpture Garden, to see how the art looks at night... very cool!:

And a little creepy, too, LOL!:

This one is my favorite, as you can probably tell from all the pictures!:
That's Christine, inside the sculpture:

On Monday Christine took me to The Market for another yummy breakfast, and then I had to say goodbye and head home. :( Thank you, Christine, for the awesome weekend!!


Anonymous Kara said...

Hey Janelle,

Wasn't Wicked awesome? I loved it, although I liked the book even more. It was fun to see pictures of Christine and your parents - it has been ages!

October 01, 2009 5:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had an awesome time! Love all the pictures!


October 01, 2009 9:17 AM  
Blogger Katie said...

awesome! trying to catch up with me traveling!

October 01, 2009 4:46 PM  

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