Monday, December 07, 2009

holly jolly

The Christmas season is in full swing here at our house! On Dec. 3rd, Benjamin dictated a letter for Santa (and then signed his name and drew a rainbow):
On the 4th, we woke up to a dusting of snow, yay!
That same day, one of the local squirrels discovered the new squirrel feeder that Mom and Dad gave Nick for Christmas ~ he ate all of the corn on the cob! Ben and I had fun watching him out the window:
That night we went to Village Hall for Luminaria. First we got in line to see Santa. It was a long, slow line, but we finally made it up there. Some of you may remember my pictures of Ben and Santa from other years (if not, check out the archives!)... all of them show Ben crying and trying to get away from the man in red, LOL.
This year, though, Ben was very excited to see Santa, and when it was our turn, he ran up to him, jumped on Santa's lap, and gave him a great big hug! :) They had quite a long chat, with Emm and Nick standing nearby to join in the conversation:

Another hug for Santa (I think Ben gave him 3 or 4!):

Santa made Ben pinkie-swear not to fight with his big brother and sister this month, LOL:
Mrs. Claus and Emmalie:
We had cookies and cocoa in the Village Hall (and the candy canes from Mrs. Claus)...:
...then went outside to watch them light this big tree:
I just love all the lights and luminaries!
Me, getting in the Christmas spirit:
On the 5th, Emmalie and I went to church for the WELCA Christmas Luncheon. The theme was A Green Christmas... and each place had one of these adorable little trees:

As always, there was lots and lots of yummy food!
After dinner, we were treated to entertainment by the Chordmasters Barbershop Quartet ~ they were wonderful singers, and funny, too!
This morning we woke up to some more snow. (Still not much, but that may change later this week!) Ben insisted that we go out in it, of course. He wanted to build a snow fort, LOL, but I told him we need a *bit* more snow first. Instead, we made a trail of footprints across the yard:
and then had a little snowball fight:

When we came back inside to warm up, he said, "That was so much fun, Mom!!" :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the pinkie swear!


December 08, 2009 7:04 AM  
Blogger Katie said...

ben is so grown up! I love that you are into the christmas groove I cannot find it.

December 09, 2009 8:57 PM  

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