Monday, January 11, 2010

a new year

It's hard to believe that it's a new year already. Wow. 2010.

We spent New Year's with our friends Steve, Karen, David, Jason, and Tracy. (All except Emm... she spent the night with one of her friends instead.) As always, we had fun celebrating with them! :)

Ben was very excited when Karen said she would show him their new trains: Tracy, David, and Ben:
Ben opens his Christmas gift from Steve, Karen, and David ~ a firetruck! :
The boys didn't have any problem staying up till midnight! Here's Benjamin welcoming 2010 with sparkling grape juice in one hand and a noisemaker in the other:
Nick doesn't look too thrilled in this picture, LOL, but he was having fun like the rest of us:
The girls... Tracy, me, and Karen:
The guys... Jason, Steve, George, David, Nick, and Ben:
On the 2nd, we traveled to Mendota so that George and I could attend Aunt Donna's visitation and funeral. After the visitation, we went to Grandma's, and had a belated Christmas with Mom, Dad, and Christine. Here Grandma looks on while Ben opens a gift:
Aunt Bernice and Dad:
The first week of the new year was a really long one. Besides the funeral, we also dealt with the stomach flu and general feelings of ickiness, a furnace that stopped working on one of the coldest days of the season, and, after it was fixed, another problem with the furnace that caused the filter to melt/burn! It is all fixed and keeping us warm now, though.

We got some new snow on Thursday and Friday, and on Saturday the 9th, the boys went out to play in it....

A few of the many icicles hanging off our roof:

Cold, but pretty!:
The snowplow makes a mini sledding hill for us every year. The boys had a blast climbing up it and sliding down:

The start of a new year always makes me think of things I want to accomplish in the coming 12 months. Here are a few of my goals for 2010:

  1. Scrap more than I did last year!
  2. Write at least weekly, if not daily
  3. Finish the book I'm writing
  4. Submit more of my writing
  5. Respond to emails in a timely fashion ~ something I am not good at!
  6. Send more snail mail... cards and letters
  7. Get back to the gym
  8. Lose weight. Again.
  9. Organize all my scrap supplies, something I've needed to do for years now!
  10. Put my layouts in the many albums I've bought that are just sitting empty

I could go on and on, LOL, but those are the main ones I'm concentrating on at the moment.

Wishing everyone a very happy 2010! I think we all could use a good year for a change....


Anonymous Inger said...

Your house is so cute! Don't worry you will lose weight. I am losing it slowly, but surely 1 to 2 lbs. A week. I am taking Pilates at our local Parks and Rec. I don't know if you've ever taken it before, but it focuses on posture, flexibility, and strength. I love it! Do something you love, like shoveling snow. Just kidding.

January 21, 2010 9:36 PM  

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