Thursday, December 10, 2009

walking in a winter wonderland

The ground is finally covered with snow ~ I love it! :) (I do NOT love the frigid temperatures, however.) We've stayed inside today, much to Ben's chagrin, but I told him that we're not going to go play in the snow when it's -25 degrees. Mean mom, LOL. We did have fun playing in it the last two days, however! And, of course, I took pictures....

I took a few photos inside, as well. Emmalie has been working on this 1000 piece dragon puzzle that Christine gave her for Christmas (at Thanksgiving), and she finally finished it the other night. She did not get her knack for puzzles from me... I would've pulled all my hair out by now and probably would've only managed to put a few of the pieces together!
On the 8th, we got an inch or two of snow. Ben and I had another snowball fight:
and we made this mini snowman:

We also made snow angels! (Yes, I made one, too , LOL.)
Look at those rosy cheeks! Ben loves this sweater and hat set that our friends Steve, Karen, and David gave him for his birthday. He's been wearing the hat around the house for 3 days now. :)
On the evening of the 8th, the kids went back out in the snow, while new snow was falling. Here's Ben:
Nick and Emm:
Ben, getting ready to hurl a big snowball at his siblings, LOL:
We've been dining in style this month, with these pretty Christmas dishes that George's mom gave me. They are so festive!
We had more snow when we woke up yesterday:
Ben used his little toy snowplow to help me clear the driveway, LOL:
We made another snowman, about twice the size of the other one:

Last night I noticed that Ben had added a few things to our nativity scene. Perhaps the innkeeper wanted to build an addition onto his stable....
Today we finally remembered to take Ben's letter for Santa when I took him to preschool. This special mailbox is there to collect all of Santa's mail:
We are supposed to get more snow (and slightly warmer temps) tomorrow, so I am sure I will have more pictures to share soon! :)


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