Friday, October 01, 2010

hello, fall

It's a new season, and the leaves are starting to change color. A few trees around here have even lost all of their leaves already! I can't believe that October is here....

I have a few pictures left to share from September. On the 24th, I headed over to Aledo, IL for another weekend crop at The Slammer. As always, it was wonderful to see my friends and do a little scrapping. :) Not all of us scrapped, however. Tammy brought along homework to do, instead: The theme of the weekend was "All You Need is Love", and there were heart decorations galore. I loved Rosemary's Queen of Hearts costume! :
Here's Mandi, drawing names for prizes:
Dawn, Tammy, Mandi, and me. I really don't like how I look in this photo, but I love that I was with my "Golden Girl" friends!
Me and Mandi:
I had to leave the crop early on Sunday morning so that I could get back home in time for Emmalie to be in the Bartlett homecoming parade. (That is the school that hers co-ops with for the swim team.) We weren't sure what to expect, having never been to a high school homecoming parade before, but it was fun:
Here comes the swim team! Go Sabre/Hawks! :
Emm helped carry one of their banners:
The boys' favorite part about the parade? All the candy! I hadn't thought to bring a bag along; luckily, the woman sitting next to us (who turned out to be a BHS teacher) had an extra one in her car and gave it to us. She told us we would need it, and, boy, did she turn out to be right!

Here's Ben, about to dive into the street after more candy:
This was a BIG bag, and we filled it half-way with candy! Nick said, "This is even better than Halloween!":
Ben and Nick:
On the 28th, Emm had another swim meet, this time down in Aurora. I drove down to cheer her on, and was very excited for her when she got 3rd place in one of the events. There weren't too many swimmers in the event (only 4), but it was the first time that she has beat someone in an event, and I was so proud of her! :)

Her team won this meet, and also the one that I took the boys to last night. Emm has a 3rd meet tomorrow ~ it's been a very busy week!


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