Friday, September 19, 2008

a slice of september

Pictures from the past week...

Sept. 12th, Spirit Day at Em's school. Though her school colors are purple and white, her class is divided into teams, and each of them have their own colors. Em is in the House of Gladiators (colors red and black, obviously), and she wrote, "Go Gladiators!" on her arm:
Sept. 13th, after raining and raining and raining for 2 days straight, part of our town flooded from clogged storm sewers. This photo was taken about 6 blocks from our house ~ luckily, OUR street didn't look like this!: Sept. 14th, Benjamin is my little helper. He LOVES to put the silverware away!:
Sept. 15th, my scrap table was all cleaned up, and I was ready to start the month long online crop at Scrapbook Friends!:
Sept. 16th, more of our sedum in bloom:
Sept. 17th, I call this one "Mexican Gothic", LOL! I took this for a photo scavenger hunt that is part of the crop at Scrapbook Friends. Three of the things we needed to photograph ourselves with were a rake, a poncho, and my friends Kim & Katie!:
Sept. 18th, Ben spent about 15 minutes jumping off this stair step over and over again!: Sept. 19th, Ben shows off his pretty nails that big sister painted for him!:


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