Tuesday, August 12, 2008

august days

It's hard to believe that the summer is winding down and that the kids will start back to school in just a few weeks! Here are some pics of our August, so far....

Aug. 1, our first zinnia bloomed: Aug. 2nd, we went to Six Flags... pics are in the post below this one!

Aug. 3rd, Benjamin's well-loved HopHop ("mine best friend!"):
Aug. 4th, just me, fooling around with the camera! :) :
Aug. 5th, my friend Glenna's son Zach came to stay with us ~ the kids had fun in the pool!: Aug. 6th, Ben talked Zach into playing trains with him: Aug. 7th, now we have orange zinnias, too!:
Aug. 8th, I took the kids to the library. We've been going every Friday this summer, and always come home with a huge pile of books! These are just the ones Nick checked out (every one an animal book, of course!):
Aug. 9th, we spent most of the day watching the Olympics!:
Aug. 10th, my library books... I finished them all over the weekend:
Aug. 11th, Em helped put this marble chute together for Ben:


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