Wednesday, November 05, 2008

yes we did

Well, November has started out with a bang, huh? :) Here are some photos of our month so far....

Nov. 1st, I took the picture that you can see two posts below this one (please vote!)... just showing a little support for my candidate!

Nov. 2nd, a close-up of my Obama pin: Nov. 3rd, I took down all our Halloween decorations and put up our Thanksgiving ones. That included taking down our Halloween flag, but rather than putting the Thanksgiving one up, I chose to fly this one instead. What a grand ol' flag!:
Nov. 4th, Election Day! George took the afternoon off from work and rode the train into the city. He had tickets to Obama's Election Night Event in Grant Park. I would have LOVED to go with him. If only we'd had someone to watch the kids....

George took my digital camera with him. Here he is in front of Crown Fountain, before getting into the loooooong line that led into Grant Park:George went to the event with his friend Brian from work: Finally they got into Grant Park... but they weren't exactly close to the stage, LOL!:

George was very excited that he was able to go and be a part of history! (Lucky duck!)

Meanwhile, back at home, the kids and I had a special supper with homemade apple pie for dessert ~ I wanted something that said "America" to help commemorate the special night. :) We watched the election coverage on tv, and when this came on the screen:

we hooped and hollered and jumped up and danced! :) My mom called on the phone to say, "Woo hooo!" and we even broke out the "bubbly" to celebrate:
Nick and Ben went to bed soon after that (actually, I'd put Ben in his bed an hour before, but he was still awake!), but I let Emmalie stay up to watch Barack's speech. George didn't get home till 1:30am or so, and then he wanted to watch the CNN coverage that I'd recorded for him, so we both were up until the wee hours of the morning. (I am SO tired today!)

I still keep pinching myself today to make sure I'm not dreaming all this, LOL. What a wonderful, historic day! I am so glad that it happened in my lifetime. I am very proud of our country at this moment. We have a long climb ahead of us, but I truly believe we've elected the right candidate to help us make it.

Yes we can! Yes we did! Yes we will!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

so happy!

Just had to say that....


please vote!

If you haven't already, please take your part in history ~ get out and vote!

I have not been secretive about who I want to win...

but even if you want the other guy to be president, please vote!

(Go Obama!!)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

a bootiful day

The end of October was filled with Halloween activities at our house, as usual. Here are just a few of the 200 or so photos I've taken this week....

Oct. 29th, Nick made lollipop ghosts for his classmates: Oct. 30th, I made caramel apples for snack ~ yum:
and that evening, we carved our pumpkins. Unfortunately, the pumpkins that I bought for Em, Nick, and myself turned out to have the HARDEST shells I've ever seen, and were extremely hard to carve! (We even broke our special pumpkin knife/saw.) We had to forget about the more intricate designs we'd been planning and go for simple:

Oct. 31st, Ben wanted to go trick-or-treating as soon as he woke up in the morning, LOL. He wasn't too happy that we had to wait! We did walk over to Nick's school after lunch, to watch their Halloween parade:
and we joined the class party for awhile, too:I thought Nick's teacher's costume was clever ~ she was a jellyfish:
Not surprisingly, I was unable to get Ben to lie down for a nap when we got back home ~ he was waaaay too excited. Finally it was time to get into our costumes! Ben agreed to wear his shark head for some pictures, but didn't want to wear it trick-or-treating because he said it was too heavy. Who knew you could look cute and ferocious at the same time?:

Nick the narwhal:

Em the sea serpent (everyone we saw LOVED this costume!):
I got into the sea creature theme, too, and wore the fish costume that Christine made for Nick a few years ago:

One of Em's friends and 2 of Nick's joined us for trick-or-treating. We were all out for about an hour and a half, and then the boys got tired so we headed home while the girls continued trick-or-treating for another 45 minutes:

We have no shortage of candy at our house now! Besides all of this, we also have some left from the stash that we were giving away to trick-or-treaters:

We hope everyone else had a bootiful Halloween, too!