Tuesday, April 14, 2009

easter fun and more!

I can't believe that it's the middle of April already! Part of the problem may be that I've been "drugged up" all month, taking medicine my doctor prescribed for the muscle spasms I've been having... medicine that makes me very sleepy... Zzzzzzzzz.... I am FINALLY feeling better, though, and I'm very glad about that!

Anyway, on the 1st, the kids decided to play an April Fool's trick on me and George. They had made a ton of paper eyes the night before, then got up early to tape them all over the house! Here are two examples, but there were dozens more:
Later that week our purple crocuses finally decided to come out and bloom: On Apr. 3rd-5th, I got to spend time with some of my scrap friends at The Slammer Bed & Breakfast in Aledo, IL. I was really in a lot of pain that weekend, but still managed to have some fun. I was so glad that I got to see Tammy:
and Laura:
Dawn: Mandi (with her son TY):
and Jeanne:
On Good Friday, I took the kids to church to watch the Crosswalk (a passion play performed by middle school and high school kids). The play requires audience participation, and takes place in various areas around the church. This picture is of the disciples in the "garden of Gethsemane": And here the Roman guards are about to take Jesus away:
That afternoon, I took the boys over to our town's indoor pool for the annual Egg Dive. (It's for kids 12 and under, so Em didn't go.) Here is Nick (in green) and the other kids in his age group, waiting for the whistle, signaling them to go in and start grabbing eggs: He ended up with quite a few! (I'm not sure how he could see the eggs with his "sheepdog" bangs that desperately need to be cut!):
When it was time for the "Under 5" group, I went in with Benjamin and helped him catch some eggs: Most of the eggs contained little plastic toys, but one of Ben's eggs had a special ticket inside. We took the ticket to the counter, and he received his prize ~ a yellow bunny and basket filled with goodies!:
On Saturday evening, we decorated eggs:

Silly boy!:
On Easter morning, the kids hurried downstairs to see their baskets from the Easter Bunny:

Then they hunted for eggs around the house:

Finally, we all got dressed up and went to the Easter service at church:
We went to the park for awhile that afternoon, and then I made a special Easter meal for supper. Yum!