Sunday, April 06, 2008

my calendar overfloweth!

Things are always busy around here, but I was looking at my calendar earlier and thinking, wow, there's a lot on this! Besides the usual entries for Circle meetings, Em's band lessons, Nick's Recycling Club meetings, Em's Girl Scout meetings, Wednesdays at church for dinner/handbells/drama, and Em's Confirmation classes, here are the things I'll be busy with in April and May:
  1. A play date at the indoor pool for me, Ben and our friends Karen and David
  2. Two First Communion classes that I have to attend with Nick
  3. A visit from our electrician, to finally have the last of our switches put in
  4. A sprint trip to Ames (leave one day, come back the next) to go to my friend Inger's bridal shower
  5. A special dinner at church for all the 3rd graders who will be making their First Communion
  6. A weekend retreat at The Slammer, yay!
  7. A carnival at church
  8. Em's band concert
  9. Nick's choral concert
  10. Nick's First Communion
  11. Em's belated birthday bash with her friends
  12. Em's choral concert
  13. Another trip to Ames for Inger's wedding... and since I will be matron of honor, that means a rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, hair styling and makeup, pictures, the wedding, the reception, and a brunch the next day

Whew! Things don't really slow down a whole lot in June, either... when George and I will celebrate our 40th birthdays and the kids will have swimming lessons and VBS! Guess I should get off the computer and start getting ready for all of this, LOL!

Friday, April 04, 2008

signs of spring

Spring is finally here, hooray! Here are some springy pictures from this week.

Mar. 29th, Ben enjoys a Peep!:
Mar. 30th, some Easter decor:
Mar. 31st, Ben put this hat on himself and then was telling me, "Peace! Peace!" (something Nick taught him):
Apr. 1st, Em and her science fair project (seeing how different colored filters will affect the chlorophyll in her plant):
Apr. 2nd, a scooter ride and a crocus:

April 3rd, Ben plays his version of "hoop ball"... throwing the ball from a chair! Here's his first attempt:Hmmm... let's move the chair a bit closer: Oh, just forget the chair! Stand right next to the hoop and throw it in! LOL:
Apr. 4th, Ben the couch potato! (Usually when he's watching tv, he's playing at the same time. Today he decided to rest a bit, I guess!):

Thursday, April 03, 2008

a peek into last week

I'm finally getting around to posting some more pictures. Our busy-ness continued last week... here's some proof:

March 22nd, dying eggs:

Mar. 23rd, Easter Day... baskets of goodies, an egg hunt, and all dressed up for church:

Mar. 24th, the kids and I drove to Ames for Spring Break. We stopped for lunch at the Iowa-80 truck stop (World's Largest Truck Stop!) and visited with my friend Mandi and her adorable kiddos. Later that night, we celebrated Em's and Dad's birthdays with a little party:

Mar. 25th, Christine and I went for a walk with the kids on the trails near Mom and Dad's. Ben loved it!:

Mar. 26th, we spent the day with my in-laws. Here Grandpa Harold is reading stories to Ben:
Mar. 27th, Em, Nick, Dad, Christine, and I went to the Science Center of Iowa (SCI) in Des Moines for the day. We had lots of fun!:

Mar. 28th, just hanging out with Mom, Dad, and Christine:

We had a great trip, and really enjoyed seeing everyone again!

I have more photos to share from this week, but will save them for another day, hopefully tomorrow....