Friday, March 06, 2009

catching up

I haven't blogged for weeks and weeks, sorry. I just got way behind on many things and only now am I starting to get caught up on some of them.... I have lots of pictures from January and February to share!

A few days after Nick's birthday, it was finally warm enough to bring our newest family member home from the pet store. This is Nick's gecko, Gilbert. : He is a neat, interesting little guy. By now, Gilbert will actually sit calmly on Nick's hand when he picks him up.
The proud "papa": On the 18th of January, we helped celebrate my godson David's 3rd birthday... I can't believe he's so big already!:
On the 20th, we celebrated President Obama's inauguration with a special dinner and sparkling grape juice. Here's to a new day!:
Later that week, Benjamin and I went to the indoor pool with our friends Karen and David (my godson). The boys had a blast playing in the water!:

I also have a few random photos from January. Here is Benjamin, all conked out in the doorway of his room at naptime. (He did start out in his bed, but later must've moved himself to the floor.):
This just cracked me up, though maybe you had to be there to find it funny. Ben had been playing in the living room with his flock of rubber ducks that Grandma Fran bought him one time (I think there's 15 in all). I asked him to please take them back up to the bathroom when he was done playing. Several minutes later, I checked on Ben and found him here on the stairs, one duck on each step!:
And here are Em and Ben, who were pretending that they were the king and queen of Terebithia (notice the light saber "swords"): On the 1st of February, I went to my friend Mimi's for the afternoon and scrapped. She was working on these adorable mailboxes:
Our friend Glenna was there, too. She didn't want me to take her picture, but I did sneak this one in: On Saturdays in both January and February, Ben has been playing T-Ball with the park district. It's his first time, and he LOVES it!:

Since October, Nick had been going to play practice every other week or more. In February, he and the rest of the cast finally got to perform Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the high school. (Nick was part of the children's choir.) They gave 5 performances, and did an awesome job every time! This is Nick with one of the props from his favorite song from the musical, "Benjamin Calypso":
We were not supposed to take photos or video while the kids were performing, but I did snap this one at the very end of the show:
And I also got a few photos during curtain call:

We bought this bouquet for our young actor, to give to him after one of the shows: The week before Valentine's Day, Nick worked on making these adorable flamingo valentines for his classmates. We found directions for them in the latest Ranger Rick magazine:

Benjamin made some valentines, too. He loved coloring them and putting stickers on:
Also that week, the kids helped me make our traditional valentine cookies, yum:

We got the very sad news about George's father on the 12th, and George headed back to Ames later that day. (Nick still had 2 more performances of Joseph that he didn't want to miss, so the kids and I stayed here for a few more days.) On the 14th, I gave the kids their valentines and some gifts:

Later that day, my sister Christine arrived. She attended Nick's final performance of Joseph with me, and the 3 of us also went to the cast party for awhile:
The following day, we headed back to Ames with Christine. While we were there, Ben conned his Grandpa Rick into letting him type on the computer (one of Ben's favorite pasttimes!):
Dad also took me and the kids to Ada Hayden Park to see the new sculpture there, made mostly out of willow branches ~ I believe it's called "Restless by Nature". It is filled with tunnels that the kids loved running through ~ very cool!:

We spent time with Grandma Bev:
and also with Grandma Fran, James, Julie, and Nathan, though I did not get any pictures with them.

I spent the following weekend with 2 good friends, Mandi and Tammy. We ate supper at the Cheesecake Factory:
and also did some scrapping and laughed A LOT. :)

The kids had the day off from school on the 27th, and George had taken it as a vacation day, so we decided to head into the city for the day. We ended up at Navy Pier, spending several hours at the Chicago Children's Museum:

We also spent time in the gardens:
and we watched Under the Sea 3-D at the IMAX theater:
Finally, on the 28th, George and I got away for an actual date. (*gasp*) We headed back into the city, to a place called Schuba's Tavern. We'd never been there before, but the restaurant, The Harmony Grill, was wonderful. We both enjoyed delicious meals and then split a piece of strawberry cream pie for dessert ~ it was heavenly:
We ended up being at Schuba's for quite a bit longer than expected. I had thought we had tickets for a 7pm show, but they turned out to be for the 10:30pm show! The wait was worth it, though... our new favorite band, The Airborne Toxic Event, was absolutely incredible! Both George and I agreed that that was the best $12 we've ever spent! We were able to stand all the way in front, right next to the stage ~ it was awesome!!:


Blogger Kim said...

Now THAT is a blog post!!! You all have been very busy. So glad you and George got to have a date!

March 06, 2009 7:27 PM  
Blogger Katie said...

looks like you have been busy the kids are growing like weeds.

March 06, 2009 8:46 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Shame on you, falling so far behind on your posts! (Now don't look at how long it's been since I posted, lol.)

March 11, 2009 5:28 PM  

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