Wednesday, June 10, 2009

school's out!

Wow, I can't believe that summer vacation is here already! This school year just FLEW by! Today was Em and Nick's last day of school... or should I say "last hour". I've never really understood why they have school for only an hour on the last day, but whatever.

Here are a few of the things we've been doing in June...

Emmalie's social studies class was studying various countries around the world. They split into groups and had to give presentations on their country. Parents and families were invited to come listen to the presentations, so Ben and I went to hear Em's group talk about Brazil. We also got to sample a few South American dishes that the kids had brought in: Here is one of the bunnies that we see every day in our yard. We've named this one Romeo Junior. :) He's just a young one....
Em and Nick have been helping me in the kitchen, and they each got to prepare supper one night this week. Emmalie chose to make a beef and veggie stir fry:
and Nick chose to make corn chowder. Both dishes were yummy, and I really enjoyed not having to cook!
Nick's school was having "Alphabet Days" for the last 26 days of school. Last Friday was W... Wild Hair Day. We didn't have any hair gel or anything, but managed to get Nick's hair to stand up anyway:
Over the weekend, George finally got the pool all cleaned and ready to use. The only problem was, it was too cold to go swimming! It was only about 62 degrees out, and the water wasn't any warmer. Nick really, really wanted to try it out, so we let him... as long as he agreed to let me record it on video, LOL! Here is how it turned out (I apologize for forgetting that I need to keep the camera horizontal while filming! You'll have to bend your neck over to watch....):

After he got out, Nick decided to get back in, and then dared Em to get in. Here's what happened:

Ben wanted to go in the pool like his big brother and sister, but I told him that since he can't go in without an adult, he will just have to wait till a warmer day!

A wild rose in my garden: Today Em's best friend Tori is here. To celebrate the end of school, the girls and Nick decided to play in the pool. (It was a little bit warmer than this weekend.) Here they are, shouting, "School's out!!!":


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