Wednesday, January 27, 2010

january fun

On MLK Day, the 18th, Nick went to the roller rink! His DARE program (that he's doing at school) held a free skating party for all DARE students. Nick had never been roller skating before (though he's ice skated several times). I was hoping to get a picture of him skating when I came to pick him up, but he'd already taken his skates off, so I had to settle for these two pictures instead....
He had a good time, though, and said that he and his friend Jordan skated around the rink 21 times before their feet hurt too much to skate anymore!

Nick came down for breakfast one morning last week dressed like this, and it cracked me up! Dinosaur jammie top, way-too-small polar bear jammie bottoms, his plaid robe, moose hat, and monster slippers... too funny! Since then, the hat and slippers have made regular appearances at breakfast-time ~ Nick says they help keep him warm:
On the 23rd, we went to my godson David's 4th birthday party (with a train theme). Of course, Benjamin loved it! The rest of us had a good time, too. :) Here are the two buddies, David and Ben:
The awesome train cake that Karen made:
Steve and Karen watch David open gifts:
Time for cake!
Ben enjoyed helping David try out his new toys:
The kids received an amaryllis bulb and flower pot for Christmas. They have been taking good care of it, and it finally bloomed last week. Beautiful!

I can't believe that January is almost over now! Didn't we JUST celebrate New Year's?


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