Monday, October 04, 2010

pumpkins & parties

We had a busy, but fun, weekend! Emmalie had a swim tournament (against 3 other schools) down in Aurora on Saturday. George went to cheer her on ~ it was the first meet he's been able to attend. The Sabre/Hawks did very well, winning 2nd place for JV and 1st place for Varsity! (Plus, Emm got 2nd place in her event ~ yay, Emm!)

While the two of them were at the meet, the boys and I were enjoying ourselves at Pumpkinfest! First we looked at all the pumpkins and gourds for sale:

We spotted Emm's best friend (and Ben's "girlfriend") Tori selling pumpkins, so had to get a quick picture with her .... :)
"I'll get you my pretty!":
"And your little cat, too!":
At 11am, it was time for the Kiddie Run. This was Nick's last time running in this race, because it only goes up to age 11. He has come in 2nd and 3rd place other years, and was determined to win it this time. Guess what? He did! :) Way to go, Nick!!

Here are the 9- to 11-year-olds at the very start of the race. (Nick is on the far left.):
This was taken half-way through the mile-long race. He was WAY out in front of the other kids!
Towards the very end, another boy began to close the gap, but Nick still came in first!

A little while later it was time for the 5- and 6-year-olds to race. Ben is second from the right:

And they're off!:
This group ran about 1/3 of a mile. Ben ended up getting 8th place out of 16, not bad for someone who was a whole head shorter than many of those runners!
We had some lunch and then it was time for the awards ceremony. Here is Nick with his gold medal:
After that, Nick went to the petting zoo for awhile:
and Ben did a little pumpkin bowling:

Then it was time for our family's favorite, the pumpkin pie eating contest. :) Nick, defending champion for his age group, easily came in 1st once again!
Messy, but yummy!
I entered the adult pie eating contest. I never do win, but the pie sure is good! :)

Next the boys decorated pumpkins:

And then it was time for the juggling show. This guy was good! You can't really tell here, but he is juggling sharp knives while balancing on a board on a tube on a stool (on a stage):
And in this picture, it's too bright at the top to tell, but there is a plastic glass filled to the brim with water on top of all those blocks on his nose: Soon after the show, Emm and George returned from the tournament and met us at Pumpkinfest. Emmalie and I decided to go into the historic schoolhouse to watch the spelling bee going on. Officially, the age groups only go up to 8th grade. However, when it was time for the 7th and 8th grade group, there were only 2 participants. They had 3 prizes to give out, so the people in charge asked Emm what grade she was, and then told her she could join even though she's in 9th. She then proceeded to win 1st place, LOL, receiving a blue ribbon and a $20 gift card to Barnes & Noble!
By then, the juggler had returned, this time in stilts, and he was walking around the park:
He stood over Emm and juggled above her head!
The last event of the day was Penny in a Haystack, where kids look for coins and candy in the hay. It was Ben's first time participating, and he had a blast! He was ignoring the candy and looking exclusively for money, LOL!

Nick and Emm joined in when it was time for the older kids to go, and then at the end, it was a free-for-all:
We came home with tons of candy (like we needed it, after last weekend's homecoming parade!!), and a bunch of change! Ben found over $3, Nick found over $5, and Emm found over $7!

Sunday was just as busy! The five of us went to church, then hurried back home for Ben's birthday party at the bowling alley! He had invited 10 friends, but only 6 were able to attend. The kids spent the first half of the party bowling. Here's the birthday boy with his buddy David:
With Nick:
And with Emm:
Ben and his friend "Other Ben":
Ben had quite the bowling technique, LOL:
After that, we all went into the party room for pizza and cake:

And presents, too, of course!

Ben with his best buddies from school ~ Jasper, Kassy, and Xander:
Ben and his personalized bowling pin:
Then the kids were each given a few tokens to use in the game room before heading home. They all seemed to have a really good time at the party!


Blogger Katy Cameron said...

Fun festival and parties

October 05, 2010 1:49 PM  
Blogger momodafoxes4 said...

I wonder if your beautiful boy and my Quentin would be best buds if they knew one another.....Does Ben still like trains?? Isn't it amazing how time flies? Quentin will be five next month...

October 20, 2010 1:09 AM  

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