Tuesday, February 01, 2011

birthday parties galore!

January has definitely been the month for birthday parties and other fun events around here! Of course, we had a small family party for Nick on the 13th. Then, on the 22nd we went to my godson David's 5th birthday party, for family and godparents. His cupcake cake was so cute and SO yummy! Buddies Ben and David:
David is a Lego Maniac (just like another 5-year-old I know!), and he received a whole bunch of new Lego sets!
Make a wish:
The kids' table:
The next day, the 23rd, Nick had his friends birthday party. He decided to have a movie party. We started out at Red Robin for "Mountain High Mudd Pie" ~ yum! Only two friends were able to join us for this part, Jordan and Alex. (Next year I'll try to make sure I don't schedule Nick's party on the same day as a huge Bears game!)
Besides the Mudd Pie, Nick also got a free sundae for being the birthday boy. He was mortified when the staff sang to him, LOL:
We ordered two of these, and quickly devoured them!

Then we walked over to the movie theater, where we met up with Nick's friend Ivy. (He'd already had plans during the Red Robin part of the party.)
George took the boys to see Tron: Legacy 3D while Emm, Ben, and I went to see Tangled. One good thing about having a movie party on a big game day... you get the theater to yourself!!
On the 25th, Ben had a playdate at our house with his preschool buddy Jasper. They always have a good time together! :)
On the 29th, I took Ben to my godson David's friends birthday party. Ben had a blast at the Hot Wheels themed party!
The kids got to build track and race the cars to their heart's content:

This big drop was the main attraction!

The birthday boy:
More yummy cupcakes!
Yesterday, Ben's preschool held their annual Fun Fair. It was my 4th time volunteering to help out for this ~ it's always a good time! The Fun Fair started out with a clown performing magic tricks. Ben got picked to help with one of the tricks:
He made a red plastic bear appear in the red cup, and then got to keep it:
Then it was time for the games. Ben loved this "skee ball" game that I was in charge of, and he did really well on it, too:
Showing off hand-paintings done by the clown. Ben got a rainbow on one hand and a snake on the other:
I was also in charge of this game where the kids had to try and hit a target with a small football. They won little prizes at each game:
After all the games (a dozen in all), it was time for the kids' favorite event ~ jumping in the moonwalk!

What a great way to end the month! :)


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