Monday, October 11, 2010

homecoming and more....

Last week was Homecoming at Emmalie's high school. They had dress-up days throughout the week, starting with pajama day on the 4th. Emm went to school in her cute penguin footie pj's, her rabbit slippers, and her robe: Her school's theme for homecoming was "Under the Big Top", so Tuesday was dress-like-a-circus-performer day. I got out my old clown outfit for her, and she went off to school looking like this:
On Friday I walked Benjamin to and from preschool, in an effort to save some gas. It's a little over a mile to get there, which is easy for me to walk, but a little harder for a 5-year-old. He did great, though, and we enjoyed looking at all the beautiful fall colors along the way:

The kids and I got out all of our Halloween decor, and our house is now officially "spookified". :) Here are some pictures of just a few of our decorations:

Finally, on the 9th, it was time for the homecoming dance. Several weeks ago, Emmalie's friend Jeremy invited her to go to his school's dance, which was held the same night as her school's dance. (Otherwise, they could've gone to two!)

My own school's homecoming dances were very casual... I remember going to them in just some jeans and a nice sweater... but around here they go all out for homecoming! We couldn't afford to buy a new dress for Emmalie, so she wore one she already had. It may not have been fancy like most of the other girls' dresses, but she looked beautiful to me! :) Of course, I *had* to snap a few photos, LOL. (I had her take her glasses off for several shots because they were turning too dark in the sunshine.):

"Mommmm... don't you think you've taken enough?"

George and I drove Emm over to Jeremy's house where they were having a huge party before the dance. We talked, enjoyed the refreshments, and took a few more pictures:
Jeremy gave Emmalie this beautiful corsage. I did not tell her to pose like this, she just did. :) :

Then we decided we'd embarrassed our daughter enough, and we left. Jeremy's parents took the two over to the dance, and brought Emm home, as well. She says that she had a wonderful time. :)


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