Monday, February 28, 2011

finishing out february

Wow, I know that February is a short month, but I still can't believe it's almost over already! I guess it's true what they say... time flies when you're having fun!

On the 18th, the 5 of us went to a Valentine Family Dance at Nick's school. The kids all complained at first that we were going, but I'm pretty sure they ended up enjoying themselves. :)

George and Emm: The boys, hanging out by the wall at first:
Then Ben decided to do some break-dancing!
Emm even managed to get Nick out on the dance floor:
Ben danced with his big sister, too:
Emm, doing a line dance:
Over Presidents' Day weekend, Emmalie decided she wanted to make us a Japanese meal. She found recipes online, and then George took her shopping for ingredients. She didn't really want me taking pictures because the foods weren't turning out "perfect", but I thought she did a great job for her first time! The red (and one green) balls are mochi, a Japanese dessert. The big rice balls are onigiri (with pickled plum inside).
And she also made some sushi/California rolls, including some without seafood for me. We were all surprised that picky Ben chose to try the sushi... and that he liked it, too!
On the 24th, Ben and I drove up to see our friends Karen and David, and to meet little Timothy, born on the 4th. He is SO little and SO cute:
I held him ALL afternoon long... what a sweet, snuggly little guy!
Karen and Timothy:
On the 26th, I spent most of the day at church for our annual Women's Retreat. Pastor Trish was the guest speaker, and talked about "A Bold Life of Faith" and Katie Luther:
Chef Tom and White Oak Gourmet catered the event:
The food was delicious!

We also had many lively discussions about being bold women:


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