Tuesday, February 19, 2008

more "photos of the day"...

Feb. 8, trying out my macro setting on the snowflake decoration hanging in our kitchen window:
Feb. 9, home of my favorite drink, Chai Tea Latte... yum! : Feb. 10, the valentine Mom and Dad sent to Benjamin ~ he LOVES it!:

Feb. 11, getting ready to pack my snowmen up until next Christmas: Feb. 12, Benjamin and his mystery spots... I know they are hard to see here. We think he might be allergic to Amoxicillan:
Feb. 13, some of the cookies the kids and I made:
Feb. 14, Boo enjoys some valentine chocolate!:

Feb. 15, more snow!:
Feb. 16, a cute little felt bag I put out for Valentine's Day:
Feb. 17, the boys playing in the hallway... they have lots of fun together!:

Feb. 18, I just love these fancy birdhouses:


Blogger Kay said...

I love that you have a digi camera now! Isn't this fun?!
Poor Benjamin. Those do look like the spots Cam had from Amoxicyllin when he was 9 months old!

February 19, 2008 3:25 PM  

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