Friday, August 01, 2008

goodbye, july

I can't believe that July is over already ~ this summer is just FLYING by! Here are some images from this week....

July 28th, white liatris in our backyard:

July 29th, some tomatoes, yum! Can't wait till they are big enough to eat!:

July 30th, I took the kids down to Glen Ellyn, IL, to see the Willowbrook Wildlife Center... . Many animals who would be unable to survive out in the wild live here, like these injured turkey vultures: and this 3-legged fox:
After touring the building and the outdoor cages, we took a walk through the butterfly garden:

and then hiked on the trail: where we got to see the new sandhill crane exhibit:
as well as wildflowers and other sights in the various areas (forest, savannah, and prairie):
July 31st, a close-up of one of our veronica plants:

So now we say goodbye to July... and hello to August! :o)


Blogger erin said...

I'm growing tomatoes for the first time and mine are a little smaller than yours, but I am glad they aren't suppose to be ripe yet. I was getting worried. Yeah, I don't have a green thumb! lol!

August 01, 2008 4:12 PM  

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