Friday, May 16, 2008

this week in pictures...

We've actually had a fairly boring week... which is a GOOD thing after so much busy-ness... so I mostly took photos of my flowers, LOL! That's okay, I should have some fun pics to share when I get back from Inger's wedding, after Memorial Day! Benjamin and I are heading to Ames tomorrow and will be there all week so that I can help Inger out with any last minute stuff. I am looking forward to spending time with my parents and Christine and Inger, and am so excited about the wedding, too! :)

Here are this week's photos....

May 11th, Mother's Day, a card and coupons from Nick, and the snowman figurine Em painted for me the night before at her party:

May 12th, our white tulips:
May 13th, wait... THIS isn't supposed to be in our yard!:
May 14th, forget-me-nots that I just planted earlier this month:
May 15th, our white lilac bush:

May 16th, columbine in the back yard:


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