Friday, July 18, 2008

a glimpse of june in july...

I have been sadly neglecting my blog this summer. Hopefully that will change, and soon! I'm finally getting around to sharing some of my June pictures, and then I'll need to start on July's! (Can you believe it's the 18th already??) It's been a very busy summer so far, even though with all these flower photos you might think I didn't have anything else to do, LOL. I just didn't feel like taking pictures of me cleaning the house or chasing after Benjamin.... :o)

June 10th, pretty pink petunias:

June 11th, George officially turned 40!

June 12th, bellflowers:

June 13th, my 40th birthday! I received this beautiful bouquet and vase from my parents:
and 3 wonderful friends came to celebrate my birthday with me ~ Jeanne, Robin, and Tammy. They took me out to Macaroni Grill for supper and then we went to IKEA for some shopping and silliness:

and then we headed home for a little party. Jeanne had brought this yummy cheesecake for me (and the black candles were courtesy of another sweet friend, Kim!):
June 14th, Flag Day. After spending the morning in the pool, we went on a shopping spree to Hobby Lobby:
some scrapbook stores and The Container Store:
When we got home, George grilled us some supper, and then we took the kids over to the park. They weren't the only ones who had fun playing there!:
June 15th, Father's Day... we had a nice, quiet day at home:

June 16th, my barrel of flowers:

June 17th, a pincushion flower:
June 18th, Angel Lush Cake... a very yummy recipe from my good friend Glenna:
June 19th, some interesting clouds:

June 20th, pink astilbe in our backyard:

June 21st, some foxgloves:
June 22nd, red bee balm: June 23rd, pink bee balm:

June 24th, our big clematis: June 25th, daisies:

June 26th, scenes from VBS. We'd been there all week. Ben loved putting pennies down the slide into the collection of change at the bottom:
He also loved playing with one of the teen helpers in the nursery every day! Em helped out in the craft room all week, with me:
and Nick had fun in his class, too:
June 27th, George's and my 16th anniversary. I forgot to take our picture, oops, but did get this one of our hydrangea instead. George and I went out for supper and to a movie, to celebrate:

June 28th, we drove down to Downer's Grove for our friends' Don & Cathy's annual picnic. Em brought along a book:
but Nick had fun playing on all the equipment:
and so did Ben!:

June 29th, one of our many geraniums: June 30th, Em dressed up like this (I'm not really sure why, LOL!) and asked me to take her picture...:


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lol that is a LOT of pics! looks like you have been busy.

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