Wednesday, May 14, 2008

may photos

As promised, here are some of my pictures from this month...

May 1st, Em and Nick with some of the May Day baskets they made for teachers and friends:

May 2nd, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the little bleeding heart plant I put in our backyard last year had grown to a big beautiful plant!:
May 3rd, National Scrapbooking Day and a glimpse of my scrap mess!:
May 4th, Nick's First Communion (he made that banner behind him):
May 5th, yet another concert! This time it was Emmalie's Spring Sing. Afterwards we stopped at Oberweis for ice cream, yum!:

May 6th, a hanging basket I bought for myself while at Home Depot:
May 7th, my sister came to visit, yay! Here Ben uses the Leapfrog to try and teach his Aunt Christine the alphabet, LOL: May 8th, Christine and I took Benjamin to the indoor pool, and wore all 3 of us out!: May 9th, after school Christine and I took Em, Nick, and Ben to a heritage farm and nature sanctuary not too far from here. We all enjoyed seeing the animals and hiking around!:

May 10th, Emmalie's birthday party at The Painted Penguin... everyone got to paint a figurine, and then we had pizza and cake. (Em was SO embarrassed that we all sang very loudly to her!) Five of her girlfriends attended, plus our neighbor, Marissa:

I will wait and post this week's photos later, hopefully on Friday....


Blogger Katie said...

love the pics. and the lists of 40 are great too.

May 14, 2008 4:33 PM  

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