Wednesday, March 18, 2009

march madness

I can't believe that March is more than half way over already! Time flies when you're keeping busy, I guess! Here are a few photos from our month so far....

Benjamin had his last T-ball class/game on the 7th. He was SO excited about receiving his trophy! (Everyone in the class was given one.): On the 9th, Ben had his last gymnastics class of the winter session (he'll be starting again in 2 weeks, though). He really does love swinging from the bars:
and climbing on the equipment:
and doing "barrel rolls":
His favorite thing at gymnastics is doing somersaults, but I wasn't quick enough with the digital camera (and its long delay) to get any good photos of that, however.
This week, the first flowers started blooming in our garden, yay!:
The weather was wonderful on the 16th, and so Ben and I spent the morning at the park near our house. Here is the king of the playground:

St. Patrick's Day is a major holiday at our house ~ the kids rank it right up there with Christmas. :) All 3 got up early yesterday, to have time for their treasure hunt before school. Ben and Nick (and HopHop) share a tender moment before the hunt:
Here they are reading their letter from Lucky the leprechaun, wishing them a happy day and giving them their first clue to their treasure:
The hunt led them all over the house, and they had a blast racing from room to room! This is the first year that Ben really was able to understand what the treasure hunt was all about, and he loved getting to help find the clues. He found this one in the drawer with his toy cars:
Here they search Em's Littlest Pet Shop town for another clue:
Finally they found their pot o' gold out on the front porch. This year, Lucky left them a box of Lucky Charms, M&M's for all 3, sidewalk chalk, and a new card game, Blink:
They all enjoyed their sugary breakfast treat! (Mean Mom doesn't buy them cereal with chocolate and/or marshmallows....):
During the day, Ben and I went outside and tried out the new chalk:

In the evening, we had our family's traditional green St. Patrick's Day meal (peas and asparagus, honeydew melon, lime Jello parfaits, and Green River floats) along with the more typical holiday dishes of corned beef and cabbage. Yum! Cheers!:


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The St. Patrick's game is a great tradition for your kids! Love the pictures!


March 23, 2009 8:01 AM  

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