Wednesday, March 25, 2009

more march moments

Things were kinda busy last week. On the 19th, we went to a Spring Fling dance at Nick's school. Ben especially had fun ~ he is quite the little break dancer, LOL! I took some video, but mostly he kept running away every time I turned the camera on. Here's a little bit that I did get:

(He fell at the end of this video, and needed a kiss, but then was okay!)

The 20th was Emmalie's birthday, of course. She is currently taking a home ec class at school, and was given the assignment to bake something at home. She decided she wanted to make her own birthday cake, a black forest cake:

It turned out very yummy! :)
Later that evening, the 5 of us went to Em's favorite restaurant, Stir Crazy, for supper:
Then we came home and her friend Julia joined us for the evening (and for a sleepover). Em opened gifts:

She loved this poster of her heartthrob, Edward:
Here she is with all her gifts:
And then we had cake and ice cream:
Em (the birthday princess) and Julia:
We had gorgeous weather over the weekend! We spent Saturday doing some much-needed yardwork. Then, on Sunday, we went for a walk at a nearby forest preserve. We found this snail shell by the lake:

Ben walked on his own for a good mile or so, but then he said, "I give up!" and wanted Daddy to carry him the rest of the way:
After our walk, we went over to a field near our house to fly kites. We thought a lot about George's dad while we were there ~ he had bought us this cool kite (and another one not pictured) a few years ago, and we only recently came across them in our garage. I know that he always loved flying kites with his grandkids!

This was Ben's first time kite-flying ~ he really enjoyed it!
This week has been more low-key. It is spring break, but we are staying home (and mostly indoors, since it's been raining!) Can't believe that March is almost gone!


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