Friday, February 05, 2010

keeping busy

Our calendar stays pretty full, no matter what month it is! Here are a few of the things we've done in the past week.

On Jan. 28th, I helped out with the preschool Fun Fair, held in our park district's gym. Ben loved it! First the kids watched a clown do magic tricks: Then they got to bounce in a moonwalk to their heart's content. Unfortunately, Benjamin's stomach was NOT content with all the bouncing he did, and he lost his lunch shortly after climbing out! He was fine after that, though, and was able to play all the fun games like throwing beanbags into the elephant's mouth:
doing a "cake walk" (which was really a lollipop walk!):
playing skee ball:
plus basketball, bowling, and several other fun activities. The kids also had their hands/arms painted ~ Ben chose a snake design for his arm:
On the 1st of February, Ben and I got together with our friends Karen and David. We had lunch at McDonald's and then the boys played in the Play Place there. They played some computer games:
and also ran around, crawling through the tunnels, sliding down slides, playing tag and hide and seek:

We were there for a couple of hours, and then had a little sundae snack before heading home:
On the 2nd, I took Nick to the pet store and he picked out a new fish. (Unfortunately, his fish Redbutton went to that Great Fishbowl in the Sky last month.) Meet Mac, our newest family member:

This morning George, Ben, and I attended the DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance and Education) Graduation at Nick's school. All of the 5th graders who went through the 17-week program were given diplomas:
There were several speakers, including some students who read essays they'd written about what they'd learned, and there was also a fun slide presentation with pictures of the kids doing various DARE activities. Then there was cake and juice for everyone! :)
Here is Nick with Officer Stantsy, who worked with his class this year:
We are so proud of Nick!

Now George is off for a weekend with friends and I'm planning to do some scrapping! :)


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