Monday, March 08, 2010

finishing out february

Yes, I am aware that it's been March for a week now, LOL! But I'm just now getting around to posting my end-of-February pictures. I've been having some health issues, so I'll blame it on that. (Even though it's really because I've been lazy and haven't gotten around to it. ;) )

On the 20th of February, Benjamin went to a birthday party for his preschool buddy Alexander. It was held at the local bowling alley, and Ben had a blast! He even won the (bumper bowling) game, with 76 points! :)

On the 24th, the kids and I drove home from church (choir/drama/handbells/dinner/Lenten service) in a blizzard! Not a fun drive, and about half an hour longer than normal. Emm and Nick were really hoping they would have a snow day the following day, but school was not canceled. The trees looked pretty, though!
On the 27th I went to my friend Mimi's for Stamp Camp! Some of my other friends were there, too. We made 20 pretty cards using Mimi's SU stamps. :) And then, after the camp, we scrapbooked! I wish I could've stayed overnight like the others, but I had to get back for church the next morning (Nick's drama team was performing again). I did stay till midnight, however, and had tons of fun!

Here are Glenna and Jeanne:
Jeanne and Katie:
In Feb., Emm finished this neat fish puzzle that she got for Christmas:
She also taught herself how to knit, and made this Harry Potter scarf. (She would've liked for it to be longer, but didn't have any more yarn.)

When she'd finished this one, she made another scarf for a friend. It turned out very pretty, but Emmalie gave it to her friend before I could get a picture of it....

I can't believe that it's March already, but I am ready for spring! :)


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