Monday, April 05, 2010

april fun ~ no foolin'!

Despite me having to recover from surgery and Nick being sick with pneumonia, we've managed to pack a bunch of fun into the last week! And I've taken just a *few* photos....

Our white crocuses finally bloomed the last week of March:

On March 27th, we took Ben to our park district's egg hunt. It was a bit chilly, but he still had a great time grabbing as many eggs as he could find!

He was also excited to see the Easter Bunny:
In preschool last week, the kids made these cute bunny baskets, and then the teachers filled them with candy and little toys:
On April Fool's Day, the kids and I played a few tricks on each other, but the best one was Emmalie's special supper. Many months ago she asked me if she could be in charge of the meal on April 1st, and I told her she could. She ended up making "Chicken Not-Pies", "Meat Loaf Layer Cake", and "April Fool's Berry Sodas" (she found the recipe for the first in a FamilyFun magazine, and for the other two in a Quick Cooking magazine):
George, Nick, and Ben were all fooled! Here is Ben trying to drink his "soda", which was really Jello with strawberries:
These looked so real, but there was no chicken or veggies inside. Instead, there was vanilla pudding with pieces of dried apples for the chicken, diced bananas for the potatoes, orange and yellow Starburst pieces for the carrots and corn, and green Tootsie Rolls for the peas. (Emmalie had to cut the candy and shape each piece individually.):

They did think the cake frosting looked a bit odd, but we just told them it was a new kind of frosting, LOL! Really, it was mashed potatoes with meatloaf underneath.

On Good Friday, I took the kids to church for the Crosswalk. We ate lunch at Burger King, and then later headed to the indoor pool for the annual Egg Dive!:
Nick collected so many eggs when it was his turn that they kept falling out of the colander!

Emmalie helped Benjamin when it was time for the 5 and Unders to go:
He loved opening the eggs afterwards and seeing what new little toys he'd received:
The kids got to enjoy some time in the pool afterwards, as well:
I bought this rhododendren last week, to go on the side of the house. We haven't planted it yet, but it's blooming!:
On the 3rd, I took the boys to church for some more Easter activities. They dyed 2 eggs each:

They also did some crafts, had a snack, and then went on an egg hunt. Nick and the other kids his age found eggs on a treasure hunt, but Ben and the younger kids just looked for eggs in the hallway and some classrooms:

A duck visiting our pool, LOL:
That evening, the kids and I dyed some more eggs:

On Easter morning, the kiddos rushed to the dining room to see what the Easter Bunny had left for them. All 3 got a bunch of candy and a tiny stuffed bunny. Ben also received some toy vehicles and a card game:
Emm received some polkadotted socks, 4 pairs of earrings, and a bracelet:
Nick received some plastic animals and a finch feeder:
Then it was time for another egg hunt, this time around the house:
When the last egg had been found, we all got ready for church. It was a beautiful day, so we were able to take some Easter pictures outside for a change....

Ben and HopHop:
Nick and friend:
Emmalie, looking way too grown up:
The boys:
All 3 kiddos:
After a wonderful Easter service at church, we went to Walker Brothers for a very yummy lunch. Emm took this photo of George and me:
I ordered this Easter lily to be used for decoration at church, and then got to bring it home afterwards. I got it in memory of Harold, Uncle John, and Aunt Donna:
We spent our Easter afternoon at a forest preserve, walking on the trails. At one point, Emm and Nick got ahead of us ~ this is Ben running to catch up with them:
Among other things, we spied a milkweed pod:
picked up trash by the lake:
and watched some geese:
When we got home, I snapped this shot of our forsythia in full bloom:

I also made a special Easter meal for supper ~ ham, garlic mashed potatoes, peas & asparagus, crossaints, and Chocolate Eclair Torte for dessert, yum. All in all, it was a very happy Easter! :)


Blogger kirimarie said...

When can I book Miss E. to come cook dinner at my house? She's got a real talent & flair for the Culinary Arts!!

April 05, 2010 4:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love these pictures Janelle! Your easter looks like so much fun and what a hoot for April Fools day! I love it! -Katy

April 07, 2010 2:50 PM  
Blogger Katie said...

goodness me that is the longest most action packed easter ever

April 10, 2010 6:26 AM  

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