Friday, March 14, 2008

you oughtta be in pictures...

Here are a few of my photos from the week:

Mar. 7th, I love this little bluebird mug that used to belong to Granny! It now sits on my bedroom dresser:
Mar. 8th, B watches his favorite movie in his new "Ka-Chow!" jams:

Mar. 9th, a little ice cave in front of our house... Em insisted there were fairies living there:
Mar. 10th, Em and Nick, playing Webkinz after school:
Mar. 11th, a book I recently finished: Mar. 12th, the game we bought Nick for his birthday, a Zoo Tycoon 2 expansion pack:
Mar. 13th, B plays in his newly-cleaned room (I spent all morning picking it up!): Mar. 14th... otherwise known as 3.14... Pi Day! Em's class had fun math activities planned all day long, and parents got to come visit for awhile this morning. Ben loved the donuts! ;) :


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