Friday, April 04, 2008

signs of spring

Spring is finally here, hooray! Here are some springy pictures from this week.

Mar. 29th, Ben enjoys a Peep!:
Mar. 30th, some Easter decor:
Mar. 31st, Ben put this hat on himself and then was telling me, "Peace! Peace!" (something Nick taught him):
Apr. 1st, Em and her science fair project (seeing how different colored filters will affect the chlorophyll in her plant):
Apr. 2nd, a scooter ride and a crocus:

April 3rd, Ben plays his version of "hoop ball"... throwing the ball from a chair! Here's his first attempt:Hmmm... let's move the chair a bit closer: Oh, just forget the chair! Stand right next to the hoop and throw it in! LOL:
Apr. 4th, Ben the couch potato! (Usually when he's watching tv, he's playing at the same time. Today he decided to rest a bit, I guess!):