Tuesday, May 13, 2008

catching up...

Well, as my last post indicated, I've had some very busy weeks recently! I'm finally getting around to catching up a little on my blog, and thought I'd share some photos of all the things that have been going on around here.

Apr. 5th, we finally finished our crown molding project!:

Apr. 6th, Ben blows bubbles:

Apr. 7th, our friends Karen and David went to the indoor pool with Ben and me, then we all went to Portillo's for lunch. The boys had a great time!:

Apr. 8th, grape hyacinths in my garden:

Apr. 9th, Em and Ben snuggling on the couch:

Apr. 10th, a purple crocus in our yard:
At this point, the LCD screen on my digital camera broke... :o(... and I had to send it in to get fixed, so the next several photos are from my film camera.

Apr. 11th, we tried another plant for Em's science fair project (note to self: ivy doesn't work!):

Apr. 12th, some droopy daffodils:

Apr. 13th, our forsythia "tree":

Apr. 14th, a project for our electrician ~ we've needed these light switches in the living room replaced for 2 years now:

Apr. 15th, another light switch (in our bedroom) to be replaced. Our electrician did come that day, but I guess I haven't taken any "after" photos yet!:

Apr. 16th, Ben paints with his watercolors ~ he just loves to be creative!:

Apr. 17th, a white crocus in our yard:

Apr. 18th, a forsythia branch that George trimmed off:

Apr. 19th, my friend Inger's bridal shower in Iowa! Here she is, looking at the scrapbook I made for her, opening gifts, and telling us all something about her fiance Tony for each rose petal:

Apr. 20th, Nick (dressed for his drama team's Earth Day rap at church, and at a special First Communion Seder dinner later in the day):

Apr. 21st, George starts dismantling our old, broken swingset... time for it to go!:

Apr. 22nd, white daffodils in our garden:

Apr. 23rd, yellow daffodils (can you tell I like daffodils? LOL):

Apr. 24th, some "wild" pansies (that grew from seeds off of last year's pansies):
Finally, my digital camera came back!

Apr. 25th, The Slammer retreat began... here are my friends Jeanne and Mandi (our wonderful hostess!), and Jeanne (again) with Glenna on a little TP spree :)

Apr. 26th, "Christmas morning" at The Slammer with Jeanne and Glenna... 5 crazy convicts... and two of Mandi's friends on our midnight scavenger hunt:

Apr. 27th, as soon as I got home from The Slammer, George and I took the kids to church for a carnival. Ben loved the interactive train set there!

Apr. 28th... is that SNOW??

Apr. 29th, Em's Science Fair project and her band concert:

Apr. 30th, Nick's school's Spring Sing concert:

Whew, I guess that's all of April's. I think I'll post May's tomorrow! LOL


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