Thursday, March 22, 2007


I haven't listed Ben's new words in quite awhile, so thought I would do that. He actually says quite a bit to me that I don't understand, LOL... but the following words are pretty clear, at least to me. :)
  • JoJo = JoJo's Circus, B's favorite show. Usually this means that he wants to watch it, but occasionally, he just wants me to sing the theme song, LOL.
  • bruh or bruh-bruh = brother/Nick
  • eh-MA = Emmalie (often he will say eh-MA, eh-MA, and it will sound almost like mama, but it is slightly different from when he's calling for me)
  • hot
  • hat
  • jare = chair
  • neh-neh = down
  • ow
  • en = in
  • dir-dir = "stir, stir" He says this when he has a spoon and is stirring his yogurt like he's seen mama do, LOL
  • hop-hop = bunny... usually this means Bunny, his favorite toy, but he will also say it to mean other rabbits
  • eeeee = slide
  • tak-tak = quack, quack/duck
  • roh-roh = roll-roll/armadillo (Nick taught him this one, LOL)
  • boom boom = thunder (he just learned this one yesterday)
  • Pooh (as in Pooh Bear)
  • daw = draw (his favorite activity!)
  • doh-doh = pillow
  • bubba = bubbles
  • ah = color. If he's shouting, "Ah! Ah!", that means he wants to color. If he asks, "Ah?", he wants to know what color something is.
  • hmmm? = what is that?
  • huh? = what was that noise?... This is always said while he puts his hand up to his ear, LOL.
  • tick tock = watch/clock

I'm sure there are more, but that's all I can think of right now....


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