Monday, March 19, 2007

march madness

First I need to apologize (to myself, if no one else! LOL) for not posting here in sooo long! Things have been crazy around here, but good. Some highlights since Feb. 3rd:

  • We finished painting our kitchen ~ it looks so much better!
  • IDOS got moved to a new server and is back up and running better than ever! YAY!

  • We all had a great Valentine's Day, and had a "romantic" dinner for 5 at our favorite Chinese restaurant

  • Our friends Gene and Kelly came for a visit

  • We put up new curtains in our bedroom and new towel racks in both bathrooms

  • We started painting Marissa's house! LOL! She'd never painted before, so we offered to help her out... she does so much for us all the time!

  • We painted our laundry area, which needed it desperately!
  • My parents came to visit for a few days

  • We bought a new washer, dryer, and dishwasher!! (We don't have the dishwasher yet, but I am loving the washer and dryer!)
  • I'm still going to the gym every week, and have lost 6 pounds plus a couple of inches!
  • We had a fun St. Patrick's Day!

  • And now we're getting ready for Spring Break...

Benjamin's been growing like a little weed, of course. He had his first hair cut last month (and still has his curls ~ yay!):

Who? Me? Need a haircut?: He was too busy with the lollipop to even notice his hair was being cut!:
Much better!:

And those adorable curls are still there:
And just this week he started feeding himself with a fork and spoon at meals. (I should say I just started LETTING him do this this week, LOL. He's "practiced" with utensils before, but it was always so messy, so I continued to feed him his yogurt and other things that aren't finger foods. He's pretty good at it now, though!):

On IDOS, we DT members are hosting "March Madness"... no, Dad, it's not a basketball thing! :) We've got challenges for every day of the month, and lots of prizes for participants. It's been fun, and although I haven't gotten quite as much scrapping done as I would've liked, I am pretty much caught up on Benjamin's album, which is very exciting for me! Now I can go back and work on Em and Nick's books, which are woefully behind....

Today we're getting ready for Em's birthday ~ can't believe it's tomorrow already! Where did the time go???


Blogger rmeyfe said...

Evan got a haircut yesterday too!! He was looking the same way.

March 21, 2007 11:58 AM  

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