Monday, July 02, 2007

i AM alive...

I know some of you out there were probably wondering, LOL. Sorry I've been such a bad blogger lately. I think this summer has been even busier than the school year was....

I actually made it through the month of May walking every single day! I made it through most of June, too, though missed 3 days towards the end of the month. I had been doing really well with the weight loss for about 6 weeks there... I'm now down 23 pounds from January... but things have kinda tapered off now, and I'm trying to keep myself from becoming too discouraged and giving up.

The kids got out of school on the 4th of June... it feels like forever ago! June was jam-packed with things to do. Nick and I met my friends Jeanne, Kim, and Katie at a dairy farm in Indiana one day, and had a moo-velous time there! :o) The following week I saw the same 3 friends and several others at a scrapbooking retreat near Indianapolis ~ we had a TON of fun, and I got a bunch of scrapping done!

All 3 kids had swimming lessons for 2 weeks. Ben sure does love the water! (Though he's not too happy when Mama dunks him under! But he does keep his mouth closed!)

George and I celebrated our 39th birthdays in June. Well, we took George out for supper and I baked him his favorite chocolate chip bars. My birthday was kind of an afterthought, as usual ~ but the kids and I did meet our friends Karen and David for lunch that day, and we did get take-out from Chipotle for supper, at least. I've already decided that I'm throwing a party for myself next year, and ALL my friends are invited, so mark your calendars! It'll be the whole weekend of the 13th... hope you'll join me! :o)

Last week was VBS at our church, always a busy, crazy week, but fun, too. I helped out in the craft room as usual... and helped tie dye about 170 shirts!

Last week was also our 15th wedding anniversary. We did absolutely nothing for it, and I am still a bit grumpy about that.... George didn't even remember it ~ I had to tell him around 6pm what day it was... grrrr.....

On Saturday, George went to the optometrist and got his very first pair of glasses. We are all trying to get used to them, LOL! He's needed them for years, but never made an appointment. I finally set one up for him the week before. He is amazed by all the things that he can see now!

This coming weekend we'll be traveling to Ames, and then Em and Nick will be driving up to the Boundary Waters on Sunday with Dad and Christine for a camping and canoeing trip. I was supposed to go, as well, but Mom just had surgery on her shoulder last Friday, and won't be able to take care of Benjamin as planned, so I will be staying in Ames with the 2 of them. I'm disappointed, but there aren't really any other options. :o(

I was tagged by Pam last week, and am supposed to list 7 random facts about myself. Hmmm... here goes...

  1. I actually enjoy weeding my gardens.
  2. I have very little will power when it comes to food, LOL! If it's something I love and it's in the house... I just have to eat it. That isn't very helpful for my diet!
  3. I am hooked on reality shows, and am so excited that my very favorite one (Big Brother) starts back up this week!
  4. The color blue makes me happy!
  5. I wish that I could spend more time with my sister... I miss her! (I think that's the thing that disappoints me the most about missing out on the camping trip... I'd really been looking forward to spending the whole week with her.)
  6. I love cats and wish dh wasn't sooooo allergic to them so that I could have one.
  7. I hate mushrooms. Ick!

Random enough for you? LOL If you haven't already been tagged with this one, consider yourself tagged now! :o)

I probably won't get a chance to post any more this week (way too much to do before our trip!), and I don't know if I'll even get online next week while I'm in Ames. Hopefully I can get back in the groove the week after that, though!

Hope you all have a wonderful 4th! We will be heading into the city tomorrow for the Taste of Chicago and the fireworks, then plan to grill on Wednesday and go to the fireworks here....


Blogger Dawn said...

Yay, you updated!! I really hope your mom is feeling well enough that you end up getting to go on the camping trip.

July 03, 2007 8:13 AM  

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