Tuesday, October 30, 2007

tagged again

This time by Jen:). I'm supposed to post 7 unusual facts about myself. That should be easy, since I'm kind of a weirdo, LOL, but it may take awhile for me to think of seven things. Let's see...
  1. My hips turn in, causing me to walk a little "pigeon-toed", and I can deliberately point my feet so that I'm standing with my toes touching. I can even keep turning them and point them backwards a bit. (I could do that better when I was younger and more limber, LOL.) This grosses George out... ;)
  2. I've broken my tail bone 3 different times... once when I purposely jumped off a big rock onto some smaller rocks when I was about 12 (smart, huh? LOL), once a year or two later when I slipped on some ice while walking to school, and once again as a teen when a hammock a friend and I were laying on collapsed and we landed on some rocks below. Ouch! I got to sit out of a lot of gym class in jr. high, which made the pain worth it for me, though, LOL.
  3. I can't stand the taste (or smell) of alcohol, and avoid it (in all its various forms) like the plague. I've never been even a teeny bit drunk in my life, and have no desire to be, either.
  4. I was a "beetle babysitter" for 3 summers while in college. I worked for one of my dad's good friends in the Entomology Dept. at Iowa State. Among my other duties, I was in charge of caring for hundreds of beetles, from the time they were just eggs on a leaf, through the larval stage, and on into beetlehood, when they were laying eggs themselves. They sure were stinky little critters, especially when they were larvae!
  5. When I was a senior in college, I did my social work practicum at the Univ. of Iowa's Child Psychiatry Hospital. There was never a dull moment around that place, and I learned WAY more than I ever had in any of my classes. My experience there definitely helped shape my future as a social worker for severely emotionally disturbed children....
  6. I don't like bare feet, and never have. Yuck. I don't wear sandals or flipflops, and when I'm walking around the house, I always have socks on unless it's super duper hot. I always wear socks to bed, too. My kids LOVE to go barefoot, all 3 of them.... I'm not really sure how they can be mine, LOL.
  7. During meals, I eat things one at a time (like all of the meat, then all of the veggies, etc.), and I don't particularly like different foods touching on the plate, either ~ though I'm better about that now than when I was younger. I often save my beverage for last, too.

So, what do you think? Am I a weirdo or not? LOL

Oh, guess I should tag someone now. Hmmm... how about you, Stephanie?


Blogger Stephanie said...

Gee thanks for the tag Janelle I will have to think about this one..

October 31, 2007 9:03 AM  

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