Saturday, December 02, 2006

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

We got some more of our decorations put up yesterday, so it is definitely looking like Christmas at our house. (I still have quite a few things to put up, but I'm running out of places that Ben can't reach!) I'm not sure when we'll get our real tree yet... hopefully soon!

I took B, Em, and her friend Tori to our town's annual tree-lighting ceremony last night. (Nick didn't want to go, for some reason, so he stayed home with George.) We took B to see Santa and took several pics, but B did NOT want to sit on Santa's lap! LOL! He did take a candy cane from Mrs. Claus, however, and had lots of sticky fun tasting it! We walked around outside for awhile, looking at all the beautiful luminaries around the village hall, then helped count down for the tree lighting. B wasn't sure what all the fuss was about, but once the tree (covered in thousands and thousands of lights) was lit, he was in total awe!

I spent several hours at church today, for our annual Christmas luncheon. As always, there was a ton of delicious foods... I was wishing they had doggy bags to fill and take home! :) We had some fun entertainment afterwards, too ~ a dance troupe, a story teller, some music, and a very cute comedy routine.

I really need to work on some Christmas gifts this evening, and need to address some cards, too. I can't believe how fast Christmas is coming!


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