Thursday, November 16, 2006

ben's latest

Benjamin is at that age where he seems to learn something new every day. Just this morning, he went down the stairs all by himself! He has been getting down safely from our landing for a couple of days now (before he would just stand at the edge and scream until someone came to lift him off, LOL). I was still surprised when I told him we needed to go downstairs to get his shoes on, and B immediately dropped to the ground, turned around backwards, and went all the way down the stairs!

Ben has also added some new words to his vocabulary recently:

  • sh=shoes
  • ya=yes
  • uh oh
  • moon
  • boo=spoon
  • ghee bee=green beans Okay, so he's only said this once so far, but he was pointing to his green beans when he said it, and E, N, and I were very impressed! :)

And I could swear that earlier today, after I said his name, B repeated it, "Beh-ja-meh"!

My favorite new trick of B's has to be him sleeping through the night, though. (It's about time he learned that one! Way past time, actually....) He did not do it on Tuesday night. He woke up screaming twice, wanting a bottle SO badly. I felt like such a mean mommy for not giving him one. Then I felt even worse when I was feeding him breakfast yesterday and saw that he has two new teeth coming in (#13 and 14). Poor little guy, no wonder he was screaming! I was sure I was in for another long haul last night, but... woo hoo!...he slept through the night, the 3rd time this week. That is a new record for B, and one I hope he breaks tonight! :)

With all this talk about B, I thought I should post a new pic of him ~ I know the grandparents will appreciate it, anyway! Here he is with his new "hat". (He refuses to wear REAL hats, but a colandar? No problem!)

Today I am thankful for (and I'll list 6 since I missed yesterday):

  • Feeding B his bottle at bedtime. Now that he is down to only one bottle a day... and that will be phased out soon... I am cherishing this time even more. B is such an angel when I rock him at night and hold his bottle for him. He looks up at me with such love as he drinks, all the while holding his blankie with one hand and stroking it with the other. I will definitely miss this....

  • A full pantry and fridge... much better than empty ones!

  • The Christmas carols I've been listening to on the radio. Yes, I know it hasn't even been Thanksgiving yet. I love Christmas music too much to only listen to it for one month a year, though. I'm glad that my radio station plays it 24 hours a day, from Nov. 1st thru Christmas, even if it does drive George crazy! LOL

  • Being inside on this very blustery, cold day.

  • A vanilla Frappuccino from Starbucks. I don't do "normal" coffee, but these things? Yum!!

  • Only one more week till Thanksgiving!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi J its me...Laura! I love your pics! And cant say which is my fav! I see the open cabinet behind B and where his hat came from!LOL I gave Olivia a wooden spoon to play with but she almost gagged herself with it so thats enough for her!LOL Love to read your blog! I was worried when I didnt see anything after Tuesday!

November 18, 2006 7:21 AM  

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