Monday, November 13, 2006

ice cream for supper

Yes, it's true. I had ice cream for supper last night. You see, I knew that we were going to the mall. I knew that Cold Stone Creamery was at that mall. I knew that Cold Stone was running a special for 15% off all purchases last night. And, I knew just how yummy their ice cream was! So, since I wasn't all that hungry before we left for the mall anyway, I didn't eat any supper... and when we finally got to Cold Stone, I ordered myself a LARGE chocolate-covered waffle cone, with Sweet Cream ice cream and coconut mixed in. Yum! :)

Besides, like I was telling my friend Karen on the phone last night, if you think about it, it was a pretty nutritious supper.... there was the dairy group, of course, and the breads/cereals group for the cone... and, you know, cocoa BEANS and vanilla BEANS sound like they should belong in the veggie group to me. The coconut must've been good for something, too ~ maybe protein? I really think we should have ice cream on the supper menu more often.... :)

Well, it's Monday, and that means it's time for me to pick the Friend of the Week. Today's FOTW is...(drum roll, please).....


Marilyn is another IDOS friend, who I've known since I first ventured online six years ago. I finally got to meet her in person in 2004, when we both attended a scrap retreat in Texas. Retreats are supposed to be relaxing, but due to outside influences, I was feeling very stressed while I was there. Marilyn was next to me in the crop room, and she kept me from completely flipping out! LOL She was so sweet and helpful, and was constantly offering me the use of her supplies. She kept telling me not to worry, that everything would work out... and of course, she was right!

Marilyn does a lot of scrapping! She's always telling us about this album or that album that she has completed. Unfortunately, she has not learned how to use her scanner (better get on that, Mar!), so we usually don't get to see her work. That's another reason why I was thrilled to sit next to her at that retreat ~ I got to see all of her awesome pages! :)

Here is a picture of Marilyn at another scrap get-together in 2004. (We were having a Fiesta theme the night this was taken.):

Thank you, Marilyn, for being such a sweet, fun friend, for reading all my posts and responding to them, and for helping to keep me sane in Texas! :)

Today I am thankful for:

  • Ice cream, the world's most perfect food. :)
  • Our car. I really wish we had two, but I do appreciate the one we have!
  • My in-laws. I hear horror stories about other people's in-laws all the time, so I know that I am very lucky that George has such wonderful parents! Fran and Harold have always been SO good to me, and they are devoted grandparents to our kiddos, as well. I am proud to consider them family. :) Love you guys!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey its me laura! The ice cream sounds wonderful! Amanda surprised me with a huge coupon book for restaurants and such in the city and guess whose in there? Yup CSC! She and I are going to go some evening wiothout dhs or Olivia, although that one may be hard! And this may not sound too thrilling but we are finally getting an Oberweiss Dairy here! Dulce Leche is my fav! You sure did write a sweet friend of the week column! Ive never seen Marilyns work so you ARE lucky!nmhbpm

November 14, 2006 4:38 PM  

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